HDR Photography

This is my first attempt at High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography. Simply put, HDR photography is a series of photos taken with a camera mounted on a tripod. By changing the amount of time the camera's sensor is exposed to light and then combining all the pictures together the result is a picture containing the full range of light similar to what we see with our eyes. Due to limits of what can me seen on a computer monitor or printed on a printer the HDR photograph is processed by using software (I'm using Photomatix)to create a low dymanic range photo. Click on the link to see the series of photos used to create this HDR picture.


Clearwater Beach, December 2009

We drove to Clearwater Beach the day after Christmas. A strong wind was blowing from the north, which left us shivering as we walked along the beach. The sky was overcast - always a good day for photography. To see more pictures from Clearwater Beach just click on the photograph.


More Experiments using Photoshop and Topaz Filters

Here's a recent picture taken at the Dunedin Art Harvest. It was taken on a beautiful fall day in Dunedin, Florida. The weather was perfect, cool with no humidity. This photo has been edited using Photoshop software and Topaz filters. Click on the picture to see more edited photos.


In Florida we don't have the brilliant Fall colors. So to us every view was spectacular and we could have taken a thousand pictures in an attempt to capture the beauty. I've added just a few, so click on the picture; which will take you to my Smugmug site. If you don't have the password, email me and I'll send it to you.


Scenic View in Leiscester, North Carolina

I love farm country. Friends of ours have a cabin in Leiscester, North Carolina just outside of Asheville. The drive to their place has beautiful views around each bend in the road. This picture was taken in the fall on a cold morning down the road from their cabin. The grass and leaves were still holding the frost and would for another 30 minutes or so.

Click on the picture to view more North Carolina photos. You'll need a password, so email me at and I'll send it to you.